As Monday ends, as the month of love draws to a close, we look up at the stars, at the only Moon we’ve known, and say we’ll always remember you as loving and kind.

But we move on, our projects taking center stage, not yours, no longer willing or able to support two loves of our life in our thoughts.

We concentrate on our childhood friend, our summer camp crush, our life partner.

We focus our nervous energy, which made dancing a “never know what’s going to happen next” surprise, on motorcycle riding.

Almost a decade of knowing you, supporting you, writing to and about you, was an emotional thrill ride all its own.

We thank you.

As the month of March approaches, we anticipate the joy of new adventures on our own, with and without our wife, just as we once anticipated seeing you again.


Author: treehouserick

A blog focused on one's backyard paradise, centred on a treehouse... but sometimes on a motorbike!

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