The Art of Saving Lives

Since no one visits this blog anymore, I can freely write here in a public space and not expect likes or comments.

Sadly, many of my online writing posts have disappeared through the ages as technology has progressed, leaving behind place like AOL Hometown which may or may not exist on

Time to work on my next book to publish of which the first few chapters already exist on the Internet, if I can find them.

As always, I write to entertain my friends who appear as characters in my stories, some they’ll recognize and some they won’t.

Tonight I’m simply promising myself to start connecting plots and storylines together again, the old-fashioned art of novel writing, which, based on the behaviour of the people who will appear in my book, has been replaced by script writing and live action video feeds to entertain the masses.

Time for bed.  I’m a day shift working man again and need my sleep.


Buying used

Our first and only house, our starter home, if you will, we bought new.

The house we look at now is younger than ours by 20 years but needs a little TLC…

So, how much of the needed TLC repair work do we negotiate in offering a lower buying price?

The new place definitely offers a different view out the front than our current one…

…but the view out the back is similar…

Artistically, what does my gut tell me?

Why is the first thing that pops into my thoughts a Bob Hope film?