Lunch on the road

Although many great eateries have enticed us to taste their wares on previous weekend jaunts with our life partner, today we ride solo, snacking at a picnic bench…

…after enjoying the sights and sounds of Waterfall Tour Stop #2:

Little River Falls


Our life consists of rest and relaxation periodically interrupted by short bursts of activity.

Today, we surveyed our small one-acre wooded lot and harvested a few dead cedar trees for the writer’s studio entrance, forming a unique stairway shape that only the trees and their branches will make.

We’ll push over and uproot a few more dead cedar trees next week.

Tomorrow, we make our first long solo motorbike ride. To prepare, we purchased (on sale, of course) a wrist-based throttle control and handlebar phone mount…

Meanwhile, we sit on the green plastic bench in the woods where our studio will be and watch our neighbours, including the chipmunk that hopped past, the gnats flying around our head and a plain white caravan slowly driving through the neighbourhood.

On a side note, pond snails are cruising the frog pond already!

Earlier today, we examined a few solar panels, trying to decide what we need to make the studio/greenhouse totally offgrid, powerwise, but connected to this planet via WiFi.