Today, after picking up another pallet (4′ x 8’4″), we have enough material to start foundation and wall construction on the greenhouse portion of the backyard meditation/writer’s studio…

But first we’re drying them out under canopy cover during a series of heavy rain this week…

We’ll seal them with a wood preservative on a warm, sunny day.

Meanwhile, we take one last look at our chosen construction site beneath the treehouse…

…and decide we like our old abandoned site better…

…because the perspective, the point of view, still speaks to us the most!

The lay of the land changes our layout plans but we’ll only show you why amd how after construction has begun.

In the yard, early spring continues, including the gurgling sounds of a full frog pond…

Until next time, grow wise but don’t grow up!


Author: treehouserick

A blog focused on one's backyard paradise, centred on a treehouse... but sometimes on a motorbike!

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